“My Husband wanted me to let you know how thrilled he was with the picture of Ellie. Neither of us can stop looking at it...Thank you for such a wonderful job.”

Mary G, Cullingworth

Alfie horse.JPG

“That is just amazing.

I can't get over the

detail in it!

Rachel H, Wilmslow

“Just beautiful.

It brought a tear to my eye when I first saw it. A special moment captured forever.”

Ruth H, Cottingley

“We love it, thank you.

So him."

"If you could have seen my daughter's delight when she opened it at Christmas.

Pure love."

Helen F, Kent


“I am speechless! That drawing is absolutely gorgeous and the likeness to Buddy is amazing! Thank you so much - I can’t deny I welled up when I saw it!"

Chris C, Newcastle